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the Automatic


Welcome to the official site of the Automatic Crafters! This is our clan’s center of operations. Here you will have access to everything related to Automatic Crafters, such as Realms and Server Information, Map and See information, how to’s of Minecraft, meetups, etc.


Our current platforms that we play on is PC, Xbox, and PS4.

Social Area

Join our social area to meet fellow clan mates, post some screenshots and videos from your last match or game. Give a bio about yourself, and even post your Twitch content.

Join Clan Teams

Join our clan teams,.to participate in farming, mining, red stone creations, adventures and more

News and Blog

Check out the latest clan news, which will include, global news about the clan, events such as upcoming farming, mining, adventures, project builds, and more.

Want to Join?

We are always on the lookout for new crafters to join our clan. If you are interested. Please proceed to our website and register. Once approved, you will be an official member of the Automatic Crafters.