Late February Update

Good Afternoon Crafters,

Over the past month, we have been working on building our new server spawn. With our new admin additions (juggernaut163 and Maximus98) we have been working hard to provide a wonderful starting place for you as you join the server for the first time. With our popularity growing, we have reached the point to move from Minecraft Realms, to a new server host.

During the development time of the server, we are only opening the world up to our admins and a select few members.

As we progress, we will be providing screenshots to showcase the progress.

We are excited that the clan is growing and our administration team is growing to help provide a safe, fun, and community focused server for Minecraft users across the world.


In honor of the upcoming game from Mojang, we are planning on giving one member of Automatic Crafters a FREE copy of Minecraft Dungeons. More details will follow.


We have so many exciting things cooking under the hood that we plan to roll as we progress on the development side. Please check back on our blog to get the latest news with Automatic Crafters

– Xzavain out.

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