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Hello Crafters,

I have been playing Minecraft Dungeons, and I have to say that after playing Minecraft Dungeons for a little while, I can say that the game is awesome, which is  expected!!!!

Although I have not been able to play with other clan mates yet, the game seems very balanced to solo the campaign so far.

The game has lots of loot to acquire as you progress in the game. I have already found some nice gear that has helped me climb the latter of victory each time.

The graphics are fantastic! Even with the blockly style art that Mojang has continued in Dungeons, the shading, and even the lighting in dark areas makes the whole game play experience wonderful.

I did notice some bugs early on, but they did not take away from the overall game play. With a dead zombie flopping around and a chest that did not have a path to get to, they can all be summed up with little annoying features, rather than a reason to not buy it.

Speaking of nothing we were talking about, I did put together our clans first Lets Play video (with no commentary from me), just some game play, with a boss fight.

Do you want to watch it? Here it is:

I have not completed the campaign yet, but I have to say that I really enjoy this game. Does it beat Minecraft? in a Dungeon Crawling way game style yes, as a open world do what you want no.

That’s why I love both of these games. I can’t wait until the DLC comes out.

Now to get back to Dungeons.

Xzavain out.

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