Minecraft Dungeons RELEASES!!!!!

Good Morning Crafters,

Mogang Studios has released Minecraft Dungeons this morning at 3AM, if you were waiting for it. Minecraft Dungeons is out now on Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4WindowsXbox One, and Xbox Game Pass!

Inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, Minecraft Dungeons allows up to four players to team up – online or in the living room. It retains the original game’s blocky charm, but instead of mining and crafting, you will be fighting and exploring through action-packed, treasure-stuffed, and wildly varied levels to defeat relentless swarms of new-and-nasty mobs.

Can’t choose between playing as a sword-swinging fighter or spellcasting mage? Good news you don’t have to! There are no classes in Minecraft Dungeons; you essentially are what you wear. This means that you can switch your specialty whenever you come across new, more powerful items as you adventure through the procedurally-generated canyons, swamps and – of course – mines!

Grab Your Copy!

Ready to start your adventure? Simply go to the official Minecraft Dungeons website. You can choose between the Standard Edition ($19.99 USD) and the Hero Edition ($29.99 USD). The latter comes with a Hero Pass that includes a Hero Cape, two player skins, two upcoming DLC packs, and a chicken pet!

I am so excited an can not wait to play. I better finish this blog post, so I can hope on and start

See you on Dungeons!

Xzavain out!

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