This is a new system we are trailing, a sort of point and ranking system. The idea is simple; the more points you have, the higher the rank you are. You can gain points by completing tasks or just by generally being nice!  Ranks are determined by Admins, higher ranks are voted on by the Admins.

Even though the clan has ranks, we believe that everyone has an equal say. There is no council as everyone, no matter what rank, has a right to help make decisions and give input into the clan. Additionally, the skin in not required, it’s just a skin that you can wear at certain ranks should you want.

* We are still working on the skins and masks for ranks. We will post when we are done with them.*

The admin rank is reserved for the clan owner those who are appointed by him directly.

A rank that points can’t earn, but attitude, activity and loyalty can. Elites are hand-picked by Xzavain, and there are only a few at a time. Elites are essentially clan co-leaders. As an elite, you’re entitled to wear the legendary Gold-masked skin, just for you.

A true master of the arts. At this rank you gain access to additional private plots on our world as well as awesome bonuses on every server we play on. You are also eligible to accept or deny members to/from the clan – enjoy this new power (use it wisely!). Additionally, you can now wear the awesome blue-masked skin, enjoy!

That sword is over-powered – I like it! At this stage you’ll be trained how to run training exercises and awesome team events. Let’s have some fun and train at the same time. As well as this you’ll also be able to wear an honorary green-masked skin – made from the finest silk in the land.

At this rank you can organize and train newer members (if they’d like to be) to help them find and locate griefers. You can also take them on the missions you find to give them some experience fighting against the griefer population.

When you are an infiltrator the art of finding and infiltrating griefer teams will be taught to you if you so wish. When you’re not having fun disbanding the griefer teams you can enjoy a nice set of brown-masked clothes, tailored especially for you, infiltrator.

Welcome home brother/sister! Now that you are a journey man you can create and lead clan projects – let your creativity go wild!

Glad to see you again! At this rank the orange-masked skin is available for you to wear, and you can now get special access to early projects, should you so want! At this rank you can also star as an extra in any YouTube video we record!

Congratulations on being accepted into the clan! There are no special bonuses at this rank, but being friendly and active can kickstart you to the next rank very quickly! (Most of us) don’t bite! At this rank you can wear the red-masked skin to show you are one of us!

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