Clan Rules

1. Be respectful of everyone in the clan. We are here to have fun, not to harass anyone or destroy anything.

2. Do not destroy anything without the builder’s consent.

3. No harassing anyone in the clan.

4. Help others – Being a helpful member to others will be nice for those during a build. Ask people if they need help and if they do help them.

5. No stealing – No stealing from any chest that is not marked shared. We have dedicated chests in our welcome center for materials, weapons, tools, and food. So do not steal from anyone in the game.

6. Help refill shared chests. If you take something from a shared chest, help us by filling the chest with items the chest is made for.

7. NO CHEATING. No hacking our server or game to cheat. Our admin may provide certain items to players if needed. This may be an award or a friendly gesture. 

8. STAFF – Do not abuse your privilege. If you are caught abusing your power, you will be warned or banned. 

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