The Buzzy Bees update comes to Minecraft on December 11

Source: Mojang

Mojang has officially announced that Minecraft 1.15 (Code name Buzzy Bees) will be released December 11th, just in time for the holidays and school/work break!

Source: Mojang, Gif Created by Automatic Crafters


Here are the additions and changes in 1.15


  • Bee


  • Honey bottle
  • Honeycomb


  • Bee Nest
  • Beehive
  • Honeycomb block
  • Honey block


  • /gamerule
    • doInsomnia – whether phantoms can spawn in the night
    • doImmediateRespawn – players respawn immediately without showing the death screen
    • drowningDamage – whether players should take damage from drowning
    • fallDamage – whether players should take fall damage
    • fireDamage – whether the player should take fire damage

Other Additions

  • Added 3 new advancements:
    • Sticky Situation – Break a fall by landing on a honey block
    • Bee our Guest – Safely collect honey from a bee nest or hive with a a campfire
    • Total Beelocation – Carry a bee nest with 3 bees inside it
  • Sneak and Sprint inputs can now be switched between Hold and Toggle mode in the Accessibility Options
  • Added new particles
  • Added new tags


  • Minecraft now requires OpenGL 2.0
  • Right-clicking on a bed during daytime will now set the player’s spawn location to that bed
  • Bells now ring if powered with a redstone signal
  • Firework rockets dispensed from a dispenser now travel in the direction they were fired
  • Wet sponges now dry out when placed in the Nether
  • Dispensers can now be used to collect honey bottles and honeycombs
  • Iron golems now crack as they lose health and can be repaired with iron ingots


Fixed 257 bugs.

If you want to know more about this upcoming update, Mojang will be hosting a livestream for you


Source: Mojang

We have been playing the snapshots and we enjoy the new bee mob and honey blocks. Have you been playing on the snapshot? If so, send us some some screenshots in our forum post.

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