First Join



Server Spawn

Have you talked to the Captain?

The captain will guide you to the Wild, which is our survival world.

But wait, he also happens to know the route to our other servers:'

  • PVP
  • Prison
  • Skyblock

You can talk to the captain, or type /captain to start your adventure.

Have you visited our shops?

We have several shops in our spawn city that you can visit, alternatively you can type /shop to visit the main AC Shop

Please note some shops are exclusive to our spawn city and will not be in our /shop menu.

So have a look around and visit our shop keepers.

With your starting currency of AC $1000 you can gear up and gather materials to start your adventure.

Have you claimed you keep?

When you first join the wild you will have 150 claim blocks to start with.

You will get 150 claim blocks for every hour you play.

To start claiming, use your golden shovel and right click the two opposite corners of the claim you wish to make.

Created claims can be checked by holding your golden shovel in your hand within your claim.

You can also easily resize your claim by right clicking on any corner with a golden shovel and then right clicking the spot to which you want to expand or retract your claim to.

You can also purchase additional claim blocks from our store,